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Locals use google – just like you do.

First they find you. Then they check your reviews. Then they call.

We specialize in companies offering home improvement or home maintenance services. If you fit into Angie’s List – you’re the client we want.

How Search Engines Think

It’s not people who find you, it’s search engines who find you. Or not.

Whether possible customers are using Bing, Google or Yahoo, these are the tools that hold your companies fate in their hands. So our objective is to make sure that your presence online is managed to make you “Search Engine Friendly.”

That’s even more important for local search.

Most of our clients are growing home service contractors. They do roofing, remodeling, plumbing, air conditioning & heating, driveways, fences, electrical work. Their customers are right here in the community. So how do you get found?

A lot of it is set up work. Search engines are less inclined to interpret – they like data to be standardized.  We try to structure our model for a 90 day upsurge. We want you to see early on that what we do generates results.

But managed growth is our goal and it should be yours too. A steady increase in customers allows time to bulk up your organization so you can maintain your quality of service.  This must always be about building your business. A slew of bad reviews isn’t going to make that happen.

So we won’t tell you fairy tales. We’ll build a plan and measure against it.  Doing SEO honestly is important. 

If Google thinks otherwise, your company is just gone.

When things are booming and you’re busy, you may think it’s all good.
FYI things change. And playing catch-up online is rough.

Invest in Your Business

When you’re skilled at your trade, you know what tools you need. Whether it’s a skid steer, a compressor or another truck – you invest in the tools to do your work. Growing your business isn’t just about having the right equipment.

It’s about making sure that new customers can find you and existing customers remember you. You want people to know why you are the best company for the job.

They decide that by going online.

Unfortunately, throwing up a website to put on your business card isn’t going to cut it. It’s Google that needs your business card. So does Bing and Yahoo. And we’re not talking a square of paper.

Like you, we’re good at what we do. We have the skills to help you get your business noticed. When you hire us, you’re investing in your business. No depreciation.

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You don’t have to understand how it works because the results you see prove it works.










We’re growing too! Dot Easy Marketing now has offices in North Carolina and Maryland!