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Shouldn’t marketing bring in more money?

Marketing online should be measured by its impact on your business. Not just your website.

What No Small Business Owner Said…Ever

When we first talk with our customers, what we hear most often is “I don’t really understand all that web stuff.” Isn’t that why you hire someone who does?

The more important issue is how do you pick the company to hire.

We believe the criteria is results. Real results – not just a bunch of data points on chart. Not someone droning on about SEM or PPC and all the rest of the alphabet soup. Marketing is supposed to boost your business. That’s what you’re paying for – a shot at more customers.

More calls. More quotes. More cash.

About Your Business Online

Have you ever changed your phone number? Started your business in one location and moved?  You’ve heard the Internet is forever, right?

Well search engines are easily confused.

Over the course of time, information about your business gets captured. When search engines find multiple locations, phone numbers or email addresses for your company – they don’t like it.  Your company loses credibility which means your competitors are featured first in search results.

It’s one of the first thing we address. There are lots of small things we nail down initially. Then we start to work on making your business pop.

Talk to us. You’ll see the value.

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It’s really all about the relationship between components. Don’t listen to anyone trying to tell you all you need is a Facebook page and some back links.

Don’t Get Scammed

Have you gotten one of those emails? “Google Back Links Just $99.00?” They claim they can put your company in the top spot if you just buy their links.  Okay, right.

What’s a back link?

Search engines consider “credibility” when they look at your business. When other sites “link back” to yours, search engines see your as a credible resource. As a result, less than credible companies started trying to sell “back links.”

These links are typically on sites that Google and other search engines don’t like, trust or respect. They don’t help your SEO and they can literally damage your company online. Search engines tend to punish companies that try to cheat the system.

We can’t say this enough. There is no magic wand.

The best growth is gradual, it lets you maintain your quality of service. Build your business to last.

Paid Ads vs Organic Search?

When you do a search, you see  advertisements on the top and a list of links on the bottom. Those links are called organic search results. Both them can be helpful to your business, but truthfully we begin by building organic search.

We prefer improving organic search to start.

  • Ads require an additional budget. We can add them into your strategy when cash flow picks up.
  • Organic search links are considered more trustworthy than ads. They get clicked more.
  • Social media ad buys might be better approach, depending on your business.

We build a strategy. We measure results. We adjust as needed.

We’re not opposed to ads. We just want to see what we can get you for free first.